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Michelle Maya
Therapeutic Counsellor & Director

Hello, I'm Michelle, and I'm here to offer you support as you navigate life's challenges and work towards improving your mental health, relationships, and overall well-being. My approach is gentle, compassionate, and focused on creating a comfortable and discreet space where you can feel safe and supported to share, grow, and connect with your inner wisdom. Together, we'll explore your unique interests, values, and aspirations, using an intuitive, flexible, and strengths-based approach that emphasizes solutions.

Recognizing and embracing your strengths and inner resources is my purpose and passion. I'll guide you in appreciating the beauty in your differences and uniqueness, integrating your experiences with your identity, and harnessing your unique gifts to overcome obstacles and create a more meaningful and joy-filled future.

Authenticity, compassion, and kindness are values that I hold dear and embody in both my work and personal life. You can expect me to be sincere, supportive, perceptive, and accepting, genuinely interested in helping you identify and achieve your hopes and goals.

In terms of my training and life experiences, I have a diverse background in counseling and life coaching, with specialized training in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Matrix Therapy, and conscious hypnosis. I also incorporate a trauma-informed approach that includes the somatic technique of Embodied Processing, providing a comprehensive toolbox for your personal growth and healing.

Additionally, I have received training and attunements in energy healing, which adds a holistic dimension to my practice. Mindfulness is an integral part of my daily life and therapeutic approach, honoring both the mystical and spiritual aspects of healing. I also dedicate time to studying scientific approaches and staying updated with emerging knowledge. This fusion of knowledge and perspectives allows me to offer a unique and multifaceted approach to support your transformation and well-being.

I hope that sharing this understanding of my background and expertise empowers you to make an informed decision about embarking on this therapeutic journey together.

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My Story

​​My own journey through significant growth and healing has equipped me with a unique mix of knowledge and strategies to improve mental health and enhance wellbeing, to ease pain and to facilitating personal growth and empowerment.

In my life I have experienced the psychological impact of physical trauma relating to serious injury (near death experience), chronic pain and prolonged illness, and weight loss and body image challenges. I have also worked through emotional challenges associated with depression and anxiety, social isolation, grief and loss, and identity acceptance (personal, spiritual and sexual) amongst many other experiences and challenges that prompted significant post traumatic growth, and which continue to shape the person that I am becoming. 

When I'm not counselling, I am likely to be found outside in nature, enjoying and capturing the beauty with my camera, or exploring new trails with KIT Psychology's therapy dog (in training) Bodhi.

​Other self care activities that I enjoy are tending my garden, listening to and creating music, and exercising. 

​The aligned life I now lead was made possible with the inspiration and guidance that I received along the way, and I hope to pay this forward by helping others to reconnect with and move towards their desired future.​

Whatever's been preventing you from living the life you desire, as my client we’ll walk together to explore your concerns, gain valuable clarity and insight, and identify solutions, options, and ways forward you didn't know were there.

Ready to embark on your journey to well-being? Take the first step today and schedule your session with Michelle. Click below now to book your appointment and begin.


If you've found me because you feel ready to work with someone who'll listen with true empathy, and who’ll support and believe in you wholeheartedly, please do reach out and connect.

0480 329 660

Plant Mirror Reflection

"In our sessions Michelle has a presence that establishes instant rapport, holding a trusted space for me as a client to go deep. 

I value the agility Michelle brings to apply different methods that are insightful and genuinely fit the challenges I was conflicted with, enabling me to move forward in my own power with new realisations and strategies.

If you are looking for someone to support and guide you to move forward and make the breakthroughs you are searching for, the I encourage you to engage Michelle". 

Carolyn Shaw - Action Leadership

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