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Book an appointment

You can book an in-person or telehealth (video/online or telephone) counselling appointment with Michelle Maya easily via our

client portal.

Click the button below, follow the instructions to register your details, and select a convenient time from the appointment

times available.

We've set our counselling session prices in line with the NDIS rate of $156.16 per 60 minutes. If the current fee is beyond what you feel you can comfortably afford, we want to encourage you to let us know.
We understand that financial circumstances can vary, and we are committed to finding solutions that make our services accessible to everyone.

Please feel free to book now and discuss this with us when we contact you to confirm your booking.

Your well-being is important to us, and we want to ensure that you can receive the support you need without undue financial strain. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us so that we can discuss alternative options or potential adjustments that can better accommodate your situation.

We're here to support you in every possible way.

Do you have a referral &/or Mental Health Care Plan? Please email it to us directly 

or ask your GP to fax it to 03 5364 2911 

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