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Kelly Nadarajan 

Principal Psychologist & Director

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Hello, my name is Kelly. I am a board approved psychologist practicing as a clinical psychology registrar in my practice in Ballarat. 

 I offer therapeutic, evidence-based interventions to young people and adults struggling with their mental health and wellbeing.

I have a gentle, compassionate and non-judgemental approach and work alongside individuals to help facilitate their personal growth and empowerment.

I have a special interest in using creative therapies as an adjunct to talk-therapies.

I have worked in the past in the child/adolescent and adult mental health services, within the justice system and the department of education and in trauma informed private practice.


I believe that a strong therapeutic relationship between therapist and client is fundamental to achieving 

positive psychological change.

I use a creative, flexible and person-centred approach and treatment is holistic (e.g., involves body and mind), individualised, and directed by your interests, values and goals.

I aim to create a calm, open, honest and safe space which assists you to be open and honest with yourself and ultimately to feel supported taking risks and making change.

A little more about me:

I returned to post-graduate psychology study seven years after completing my undergraduate degree following a life-changing and inspiring therapeutic experience with my own psychologist.

I am an advocate for kindness and I feel my life purpose is helping people live their best life and break previous cycles of abuse.

Pre-COVID, I travelled extensively and have gained a deep understanding of different cultures, particularly Chinese, Japanese, South Indian and Tanzanian.

I practice an eclectic range of self-care strategies including drawing, Vipassana meditation, dancing, researching new ideas, and I love challenging jigsaw puzzles!  

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I have written three research projects which I hope to publish soon:

  • A systematic review of creative art therapies in the treatment of borderline personality disorder (2020).

  • How emotional responses towards public affection vary according to homonegativity (2018).

  • The impossibility of meaningless pain on a meaningful path: A philosophical exploration of how different cultures treat, translate and transform suffering (2011).

If you are interested in working with me, or if you know someone who you believe would benefit from my approach and services, please connect with me.

Michelle Maya

Therapeutic Counsellor & Director

Hi my name is Michelle. I am an Australian Counselling Association (ACA) registered counsellor and an International Coaching Federation (ICF) registered life coach, integrating my formal and life learnings into my practice at KIT Psychology. 

 I work alongside young people & adults to support them in navigating life’s challenges, achieving desired improvements in their mental health, wellbeing, relationships and life circumstances. I have a gentle, compassionate nature and provide a comfortable, discreet space where my clients feel safe and supported to share, grow and connect with inner wisdom. My approach is intuitive, flexible and strengths-based, often solution-focussed and always person centred around an individual’s unique interests, values and hopes for the future.

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My purpose and passion is reflecting and connecting fellow humans with their strengths and inner resources. I'll help you see and embrace difference and uniqueness as gifts, integrate your experiences with your identity, and utilise your unique gifts to navigate life's challenges, as you journey with purpose towards a more meaningful and joy filled future.

I value authenticity, compassion and kindness and embody this in my work and in life. You will find me sincere, supportive, perceptive, and accepting.  I am genuinely interested in helping you identify and achieve your

hopes and goals.

Whatever you bring into the room, I won’t judge you... I may challenge you and encourage you to consider things from a different perspective, but I won’t tell you what to do. Only you can decide what is right for you and your life because I respect you as the expert in your own life.

What sets me apart from other counsellors?

I have completed varied training which lies in counselling, and life coaching (including NLP, Matrix Therapy and hypnosis). I have also undertaken training and attunements in energy healing (Usui Reiki) and integrate mindfulness into my daily life. In addition to my appreciation of the mystical and spiritual, I'm equally fascinated by the scientific and dedicate equal time to studying scientific approaches and emerging knowledge.    

My own journey through significant growth and healing has equipped me with a unique mix of knowledge and strategies to improve mental health and enhance wellbeing, to ease pain and to facilitating personal growth and empowerment.

Some examples of my own lived experiences include the psychological impact of physical trauma relating to serious injury (near death experience), chronic pain and prolonged illness, weight loss and body image. I have also worked through emotional challenges associated with depression and anxiety, social isolation, grief and loss, and identity acceptance (personal, spiritual and sexual). 

A little more about me

When I'm not counselling, I am likely to be found outside in nature, enjoying and capturing the beauty with my camera, or exploring new trails with KIT Psychology's therapy dog (in training) Bodhi.

Other self care activities that I enjoy are tending my garden, listening to and creating music, and exercising. 

The aligned life I now lead was made possible with the inspiration and guidance that I received along the way, and I hope to pay this forward by helping others to reconnect with and move towards their desired future.

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Carolyn Shaw - Action Leadership  

"In our sessions Michelle has a presence that establishes instant rapport, holding a trusted space for me as a client to go deep. 

I value the agility Michelle brings to apply different methods that are insightful and genuinely fit the challenges I was conflicted with, enabling me to move forward in my own power with new realisations and strategies.

If you are looking for someone to support and guide you to move forward and make the breakthroughs you are searching for, the I encourage you to engage Michelle". 

Whatever's been preventing you from living the life you desire, as my client we’ll walk together to explore your concerns, gain valuable clarity and insight, and identify solutions, options, and ways forward you didn't know were there.

If you've found me because you feel ready to work with someone who'll listen with true empathy, and who’ll support and believe in you wholeheartedly, please do reach out and connect.

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