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About KIT Psychology

Launched in the midst of the pandemic, a time of dire need for additional psychological services, KIT Psychology manifests our philosophy of overcoming adversity; looking beyond the surface of challenges for opportunities for learning healing, personal growth, and greater service to others. 


The parent company of KIT Psychology is  Kintsukuroi Integrative Therapies Pty Ltd and like all things in our practice, the name is intentional, meaningful and aligned with our values.



Kintsukuroi is a Japanese word steeped in tradition and rich in meaning.

“Kintsukuroi” means “to repair with gold” in Japanese. It is the art of repairing pottery with gold and understanding that the piece is more beautiful for having been broken. We each have a couple of Kintsukuroi bowls in our rooms and regularly reflect on this beautiful philosophy.


It is our vision to build a clinic where multiple holistic healing therapies are available to clients in one space. Here, multiple therapies can be integrated by a team of skilled professionals working collaboratively.  This is our vision and are we working and expanding towards it more every day. 


At KIT we believe in integrating the most effective therapeutic styles and modalities, tools and research into a customised treatment plan. All clients are respected as individuals, with rich and unique histories and life experiences. The therapy that you receive at KIT will be the most appropriate, evidence based and effective, and will be adapted to your evolving needs.

The name Kintsukuroi Integrative Therapies represents our  philosophy for healing.

From broken to beautiful

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