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Welcome to KIT Psychology 




Your journey of healing and growth begins here.

You've taken that first important step to get the support you need, which we know takes a lot of courage and inner strength. 

Navigating through the challenges of trauma, loss, stress, or the complexities of life can be overwhelming. At our Ballarat-based practice, specialising in trauma therapy, we are dedicated to offering unwavering support with a personalised touch.

Our approach is client-centric, ensuring that sessions are led by your needs, pace, & and comfort. Whether you find yourself in the midst of loss, grappling with stress & and overwhelm, battling anxiety or depression, or simply seeking a compassionate guide to help you reclaim your life, our dedicated team is here for you.

Led by experienced psychologists and counsellors, we understand the intricate nature of trauma and its impact on your well-being. We embrace a diverse range of therapeutic techniques, allowing us to tailor our approach to what resonates with you.

In our therapy sessions, we create a safe and nurturing space where you can explore your experiences and emotions at your own pace. Your comfort is our priority. Our goal is to provide the compassionate support you deserve while guiding you towards a path of healing, balance, and renewed strength. 

No matter where you are on your journey, we are committed to walking alongside you, facilitating sessions that empower you to navigate the complexities of trauma fostering a sense of empowerment, resilience, & enduring personal growth - all on your terms.

What does KIT mean in

KIT Psychology?

KIT is an acronym for Kintsukuroi Integrative Therapies, the company behind KIT Psychology. Kintsukuroi is a Japanese word steeped in tradition and rich in meaning.

“Kintsukuroi” means “to repair with gold” in Japanese, and is the art of repairing pottery with gold and understanding that the piece is the more beautiful for having been broken.

The meaning behind the word Kintsukuroi beautifully represents our philosophy for healing.

From broken to beautiful

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